Cannot log in to site after Domain Mapping domain deletion

Referencing your usage guide at

While attempting to update a mapped site’s domain from to, I deleted the custom domain. Now, I’m experiencing a loop where I cannot log in to that site’s admin area. I can log in to other sites on this WPMS environment. And I can view, But when I attempt to log in to or, I can get to the site, but not the WP Admin.

1. What should my Network Domain mapping Options be? Right now, I’ve set them to be:

The domain used for the administration area should be the “domain entered by user.”

The domain used for the login area should be the “domain entered by the user”

2. How can I access the site admin now and update that domain record?

I’ll stop here for now. Thanks in advance.

  • Joe Banks
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thank you for the reply. Here’s where I am now:

    I updated the site domain, under Network: Sites

    to “,” temporarily, and was then was able to log in and add the domain mapping back of “”. (Tools > Domain Mapping)

    However, my issue now is I need to set everything about this domain to be:

    I cannot add “” to the Domain Mapping.

    Overall Issue: Eventually, the DNS manager is going to set the DNS for the website to be only.

    What steps do I need to do to set this up?

    Also, to answer you question, when I tried “original domain” for both I am now getting redirected to (note the extra www).

    Confirming settings:

    Domain is now, and the custom domain is showing up as

    Also, I’d like to know what the recommended settings should be for Network: Settings > Domain Mapping should be in a multidomain environment, where gets turned into frequently, and every client logs in via their site URL (and should remain in that URL).

    Thanks for your help. Domain mapping is one issue I only _think_ I have mastered.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    You should be able to use the “mapped domain” for both settings on the Network Admin without issue along with the IP of the main blog

    When you set the as the custom domain you should not have to do anything else besides point the A record for the domain to the main site.

  • Joe Banks
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    Thank you for the reply and information!

    This was the issue:

    At some point, I was not able to add the custom domain “”; I had to do it manually by finding and adding it to the network _domain_mapping table in phpMyAdmin. I’ve experienced this issue before, where adding a domain (often one I’ve added before and deleted) did not save.

    Feature: I believe there should be a Network Admin ability to add/edit custom domains for this plugin, just like the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin.

    Thank you. I would consider this issue resolved (with notations) for me at this time, and you may close it unless you have additional questions or information.

    Thanks for your help.

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