Cannot login to any of the WP-Admin of my sites

Hi, I can no longer login to our wordpress site pa*****rg/wp-admin. I cannot login using my username and password, neither can any other account holders. I deactivated all the plugins using The Hub, but it did not change anything so activated them again.

I tried sending Forget Password to myself and I get the error "The user does not exist". I think someone has got into our database and deleted our users. I am locked out of my site. Please guide.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello comms2

    I hope you're well today and thank you for reaching out to us.

    It seems that there are users in the database, including the one that you shared during the live chat. It's possible that for some reasons the password(s) were changed but it's a bit difficult to track that back to see why.

    However, you mentioned that when you tried to regain password using "lost password" option, it told you that there's no such user.

    The user in the database shows with a user name


    and the e-mail

    Please note upper case characters, unlike what you shared during the chat. In theory, that shouldn't make a difference but there are some cases where it does so it's worth checking. Could you try with that e-mail then?

    If it doesn't help, I'll just reset the password for this account manually to see if I could get in this way. However, I also got an additional question: do you have some additional security tools other than WordFence installed - like e.g. some external service or something on a server? During tests it seems I got somehow "locked out" and I'm now getting 401 authorization required message whenever I try to access login form - that doesn't seem to come from WordFence and I didn't see any other plugin there. If you know anything about that, let me know please, as it might be related.

    Kind regards,

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