Cannot login to WPMU DEV on my site


In my Admin Dashboard, on the WPMU DEV page:

When I click on "Already a member? Click here."

Nothing happens.

The link fails in Firefox and in Chrome.

This is the first time this has happened.

I recently moved to WP Engine so maybe they have permissions issues. with WPMU DEV. I sent them a ticket to ask about this.

The page advises to get an API key. I have one. I cannot find where to put the API key into this installation.

If there was a way to add my API key then I wouldn't need to login right?

I was hoping that by logging into the WPMU DEV site in the same browser that my site's WPMU DEV page would recognize I'm logged into WPMU DEV (they use the same login). Boy was I naive :slight_smile:

While I'm waiting for responses from WPMU DEV and WP Engine I'm going to uninstall the plugin and reinstall from downloading the latest version.

Thank you,