Cannot map the domain

We are using Domain Mapping plugin for our sub sites. my**** is our main site
in that we have sub site as /mid and we want to map that site to "Ec****" domain
we have added the A record IP and mapped the domain in our domain mapping setting, add this domain as an addon domain in cPanel with the same document root as the multisite installation, but still we are seeing the Health Status as invalid.
The mapped domain redirects to another site for some reasons (tha****, it's not even our domain,
We also have few other mapped domains on the same multisite installation, they have absolutely the same configuration in the cPanel and work fine.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey antonimike,

    Hope all is well.

    I checked your DNS settings and even though the A Records in there look correct I do see that you don't have dedicated IP which is required in order to use A Records.

    This is something that is best discussed with your hosting provider as they can check in more details about the redirect happening to eco**** and why it redirects to thar****
    When I check eco**** domain after unmapping it it redirects to 404 page, but what should happen is to open your main site.
    When DNS is configured properly the domain should open main site and then when you map it in Domain Mapping the plugin can do its thing and redirect it further to correct subsite.

    Let us know what info you got from your host.

    Best regards,

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