'cannot modify header info' warning on membership plugin account page update


I'm having an issue with the membership module that relates to the membership module producing a 'cannot modify header info' warning.

I previously posted this in another thread but was asked to start a new discussion. I was told it would be ok to copy and paste what I previously posted. So here goes there's 3 posts to follow...

  • brandicoot

    I'm having the same issue. What I have done to find the cause:

    Exported the site and imported it as a single site.
    Deleted all plugins not used.
    Disabled ALL plugins except the membership plugin
    Changed the theme to the default twenty eleven theme (have also tried twenty ten).

    So, I have the default WP theme and only the membership plugin activated and I'm getting the attached error messages whenever someone tries to register.

    You can register yourself to see the error message for yourself here... http://brandicoot.com.au/~swbwtest/register/

    Let me know if you need access to the wp admin or ftp access.

    Thanks Chris

  • brandicoot

    Ok, I think I've found the cause of the issue.

    I made the mistake of following the instructions on the "Membership Page Options" page...

    "You can include an introduction on the page, for more advanced content around the registration form then you should include the [subscriptionform] shortcode in some location on that page. Alternatively leave the page blank for the standard Membership subscription forms."

    Firstly, any attempt to add "[subscriptionform]" to this page will cause the "cannot modify header info" error when a person registers.

    Secondly, you can NOT "include and introduction on the page" - adding any text to this page does absolutely nothing and will not be shown.

    Thirdly, if you only have one subscription available, then the message shown when a subscriber attempts to register again "You currently have a subscription for the Connect Membership subscription. If you wish to sign up a different subscription then you can do below" is confusing. It should say, "You're already subscribed. Would you like to manage your subscription? {link to subscription or account page}".

    I can't help feeling that these messages should be configurable but that's a development issue for another day. What I'm primarily concerned about is the fact that any attempt to include shortcode for the subscription form (and possibly other forms but I haven't tried the others yet) is producing a serious error as well as the fact that I cannot customise the content of these membership pages.

  • aecnu

    Greetings brandicoot,

    Thank you for the feedback and considerable amount of time you spent creating these detailed posts, it is greatly appreciated and helps to get to the bottom of what the issues may be, to include your attention to detail of the Membership instructions.

    Unfortunately the instructions sometimes do not keep up with the pace the developers change or update the plugins to include new features and the instructions get behind.

    Though I personally suggested to my Boss that the developers should be in charge of the documentation of the plugins that they create, which I believe would solve this problem 99% thereof, this has not yet been made policy and may never happen.

    However, forward we go to get these remaining issues resolved for you though I have now lost track of where we are with those issues with the exception of not being able to modify/customize the content of these membership pages.

    Am I correct to this point?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings Chris,

    Thank you for your additional input, I sincerely appreciate it.

    Have we still got the below issue?

    However, it's not "fixed" the table is not created and when I click on "verify membership tables" again, it still shows them as missing.

    If so lets go ahead and manually create the table in myPHPadmin within your hosting control panel if applicable. Then check again to see if we get the error that the table is missing.

    The problem is not that I can't edit the membership pages as such, it's more a case of, if I do, then it breaks the website and produces the 'cannot modify header info' error message mentioned.

    As a long shot to try to get this portion of the issues resolved prior to asking the lead developer to check out these issues within this ticket, please try adding this code <?php ob_start(); ?> before <!DOCTYPE html> tag in header.php to fix the header warning messages.

    Please advise if we have indeed cured either of the issues in this post.

    Cheers, Joe

  • brandicoot

    Hi @aecnu and thanks for the reply

    issue 1 - missing tables. Fixed. I added the table manually and haven't seen the issue since.

    However, the other and main issue - 'cannot modify header info' is still an issue on multiple sites that we administer.

    Whacking <?php ob_start(); ?> into the header.php works but it's not an option that I want to consider a permanent solution. Having to go through every site that uses this plugin and train staff to remember to put this in each new site's header.php is an ugly solution that I'm not comfortable implementing.

    I'd like to see a permanent fix for this in the plugin itself.



  • brandicoot

    Kind of. Modifying the membership pages that are created by the plugin has no effect and I can't remember if that produces the error or not.

    So in order to display the stuff I want to display on membership pages, I have to create my own page and then add the shortcodes I want to it, then nominate that page in the 'Membership Pages' for whatever I want it to be.

    This is where the problem kicks in. When a user goes to anyone of these pages that has the membership shortcode, it throws the error.

    Does that make sense?

  • aecnu

    Greetings Chris,

    Thank you for your additional input, it is greatly appreciated.

    We have indeed found a fix that works putting the <?php ob_start(); ?> in the header.php file that was discussed a week past.

    Of course this is a theme modification and the error itself has shown in a very small percentage of sites though I cannot put my finger on what they all have in common.

    I myself have never been able to reproduce the error, though I suppose it has to do with the hosting server not having output buffering turned on to begin with is why it is sporadic from host to host - reference output_buffering php.ini file.

    Here is current information about turning output buffering on in php.ini:

    Please advise is this somewhat permanent solution will work for you rather then turning it on per theme basis so to speak.

    Cheers, Joe

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