Cannot Push Old Post Live to Facebook From Within Post

I'm trying to get a resolution from this issue but it has been 24 hours and the issue is still a problem.

I have about 10 old articles that I posted this past week and since I only added the plugin yesterday, I want to push those old posts to facebook but don't see a way to do that. I can't find a button or anything within each article.

1. I have looked at Patrick's screenshot and my interface doesn't show any of those options, even with the screen settings for facebook checked with the post page.
2. I have granted extended permissions and it is working fine.
3. I have deactivated other plugins and that doesn't seem to be the issue so reactivated them as I need them.
4. At this point, I need someone to fix this for my by actually going into my interface. Please email me so I can give you my login details as this seems to be an issue for others as well so I suspect it is a bug.