Cannot remove render-block Javascript file in cache folder of Hummingbird

Hi there,

I've installed Hummingbird to optimize my website. Afterwards, browser cache is enabled. Now when I analyze my website, two available optimalisations are related to files which has been generated by the cache function of Hummingbird. Those files are not included in the dashboard under minification. How can I optimize the cached files?

Secondly, I'm using Divi as theme with a child theme. Style.css of the child theme is recognised by Hummingbird, but the orginal stylesheet in the Divi folder isn't. The child theme style sheets imports the original one. How to solve this?

  • Rupok

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for asking. Let me describe one by one.

    Hummingbird cached files are usually enqueued depending on source asset calling location. So if all your assets are called from the header before caching, then your cached files will also be called from the header. So to find out the most optimum setup for your site, can you please try to put as many JS assets to footer as possible without breaking your site and then enable browse caching and check if this issue is resolved? I believe, this will help. If it doesn't, please let us know. We will be glad to investigate further.

    And regarding your Divi child theme stylesheet issue, I think your child theme stylesheet file is being enqueued and as you said, your child theme stylesheet is importing the original one, there is not need of enqueuing it again. So I think this is expected.

    Now, regarding minification of the imported stylesheet code, I'm not exactly sure if that imported CSS code is minified or not. I did a quick search, but it seems like imported CSS code stays intact. So I've pinged our developer regarding this to confirm and I believe, he will come up with his feedback very soon.

    Please keep in mind, our developers work round the clock and they have to deal with lots of critical issues and other things. So it may take a little while for them to check this and provide a feedback. I appreciate your patience.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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