Cannot resize elements in different regions appropriately


So I received some assistance the other day about how to make the container region of our site smaller than 1080px. I have hard coded in CSS to make the page container 980px.

I then asked for assistance on disabling the responsive design elements. Again, great help and I was on my way.

But I have a problem now that seems to be related to the page width being forced to 980px. The elements in the different regions do not fill the space appropriately when I drag them out. They snap back to a much smaller size. This happens in the header, the main region and the footer. AND as I am trying to resize an element in one of the regions, each time the size "snaps" back it reduces the size of the elements in the other regions.

Please visit specifically to see the problem. No other pages on the site exist. The links in the menu are to a different website hosted elsewhere.

Support access is open.

Thanks so much!