Cannot revert to the original theme...

First off, I had the error on line #106 too, and it did get fixed by saving pretty permalinks.

I also have the issue of the plugin not working on themes whose human-readable name (not the directory name) have more than one word, but since this is easy to change in a theme, it's not really an issue.

However, once I do switch themes, if the other theme doesn't have a widgetized sidebar where the dropdown list is shown, it's impossible to come back to the original theme without clearing cookies off your browser.

Not to play this plugin down at all, but I found "Theme Demo Bar" in the WP plugin repository - it gives an almost pretty link to try one of the non-active themes, and doesn't set any cookies. The "bar" on top for switching themes is optional, so if it's getting in your way you don't enable it at all. Just saying :slight_smile:

  • DavidM

    Hi WritingDestiny,

    Regarding similar plugins, I think one of the distinguishing points with this plugin is that it does use cookies, so that users will have the same settings should they return later.

    And you're right, themes without sidebars would present some difficulty.

    Users should be able to press the "Back" button on their browser to return to a previous theme setting, at which point they could select a theme that does have a sidebar.

    It's also possible to link to the various themes and/or include a safe link at the top of your page or header, so that users can easily revert to a safe theme, like the following:

    You could also try including code from the following article in a simple plugin of your own, then calling the widget in a page, rather than through a sidebar widget.

    How would that work for you?


  • WritingDestiny


    Great tips all over. I think I could use the last one... and I can see why cookies are handy in a typical application of this plugin - in my situation I just want to use it to let folks quickly test drive a certain alternative and come back to the site right after, and it so happens that the test drive theme doesn't have a sidebar :slight_smile:

    It would be nice if the theme-names-with-more-than-one-word issue can be fixed at some point, but other than that I have no issues thanks to your tips!

    Best wishes,

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