Cannot save changes to payment gateways - causes 502/503 errors

Each time the Membership 2 plug-in is activated, I go into the STRIPE payment gateways to change my API keys. When I input the new API key, or when I try to delete the existing one and leave the field blank, I get an error message from the plug-in in red letters that reads "Changes could not be saved"

I am also unable to view the LOGS for the appropriate gateway - I am told I do not have permissions to view that page.

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  • Derek Hartley


    I deactivated and then deleted every single plug in. I reinstalled WordPress and then only activated your Dashboard so I could download the Membership 2 Pro plug-in. With all that done, I tried to remove the Stripe API that was still showing up in Membership and it hung up my whole site again.

    Now switching the theme seems to do the trick so I suppose that is where the conflict was that was hanging up the site. Now I guess I need a new theme. But more importantly, it did allow me to update the Stripe API finally and the site seems to be functioning and allowing me to add memberships, but again, I am back to my original issue of being prompted that it is in sandbox mode even though it is marked live. And the stripe payment button only shows up if I go through the process, hit cancel and the renew button appears. So there is still a sandbox/live issue going on.

    So I can create the memberships and it all appears on the site but the actual "pay with stripe" button doesn't appear. The user is merely generated an invoice. Only after they come back and cancel can they then renew and pay. Thoughts?


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