cannot see the calendar in the buddypress navigtion - i can only see it when selected and inside the

Hi, jsut a couple of issues.


After the installation i've come across a couple of issues.

1. I cannot see the calendar navigation entry in the buddypress profile navigation. I can only see it when accessing a group, and when in the group the i have the entry in the buddypress navigation. I need this calendar entry to be visable within each of the users buddypress profile navigation this possible? I 've had a dig around and not come up with anything

2. I cannot change and select a custom sidebar for the buddypress pages? I've tried it on groups pages and on others. I have created the new sidebar, added widgets, gone to the edit page of a buddypress page and made sure all config is in place to point the page to the custom sidebar. however none show up? Any idea's?

Thanks very much