cannot update any of the WPMUdev plugins on this site

Please note that I selected dashboard in the drop down above, because you can only select one plugin. However this problem pertains to ALL the WPMUdev plugins I have installed on the site.

I get this error message when I try to do an update. Get same message on all.

Update Failed: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Please help.


  • Ash

    Hello admin

    I can see you are using older version of WPMU DEV dashboard plugin. First please update the plugin to latest version, then logout from wpmu dev and login again. Now try to update.

    If it still doesn't update, would you please enable support access so that I can check? Please follow this article to enable support access:

    Have a nice day!


  • Andi

    What did ZIP Compressed version you upload?

    Usually, you can solve the problem by unzipping the package with a tool on your desktop and then zipping and uploading the same file again. Should work.

    No need to update anything - but it is, of course, recommended to update the WordPress and using the newest version of the plugin, but sometimes you perhaps only give your customer an older version back and solve the problem i.e. if you haven't included automatic upgrades and updates into your service agreement with your customers or even charge extra for them - some (well many) do so if they provide updates at all!

    Kind regards

  • Ash

    Hello admin

    Okay... this suggests that my problem has nothing to do with the website. I just tried to update WPMUdev dashboard on a completely different website and got the same error message!

    Is the new site on the same server? I am asking because we didn't get any similar issue recently and I have tested on my site too and found it working.

    Please go to Plugins > All Plugins > Deactivate dashboard plugin and delete. Then install the attached one from Plugins > Add New > Upload. Let us know if that improves.

    Have a nice day!


  • admin

    First a reply to Andi.... I am not trying to install a plugin. I'm trying to update several plugins. If I followed your suggestion, I'm afraid I would have to delete the current version of the plugin (and probably lose all of my configurations and content) before being able to install the must recent plugin from scratch. This will not work for me. I just need the WPMUdev update routine to work, so please tell me what the error message means and what needs to be done to fix the error, or avoid it during an UPDATE process. Thank you.

    Now replying to Ash... no the new site is not likely on the same server. But, they are both on GoDaddy servers.

    I suspect that the error is likely because maybe the WPMUdev dashboard plugin is old and update routines have changed since. Is this possible?

    Per Andi's comment about installing new plugins... I don't believe that the Dashboard plugin has any user configurations or content, so can I delete the old dashboard and install a new one without losing any work?

    I'm guessing that the plugin updates use the Dashboard connection in some way. So, perhaps once the dashboard is up to date, the other plugins will be able to update. Is this a possibility?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Andi

    Hi Admin, what is actually your real name as it doesn't look so nice always having to name you admin which sounds like nobody.

    Of course, you can update the plugin the same way unpacking and be packing it again and then be uploading but it would be a manual process, deleting the older plugin won't be needed as it gets replaced by the new one during the upload process.

    1. Take a FULL BACKUP of your database and of the Old Version of the Dashboard Plugin or simply take a FULL Backup :wink:
    2. delete Old dashboard
    3. Install new Dashboard
    4. Check

    But if you want a nice and easy way to do it, which makes it able to you to lean back and simply see how it is done, without even the need to do something manually, then you have only 2 choices!

    1. Hire a Professional doing the job for you and he probably will do as first step what had been recommended already many times here and I will explain it again in A

    2. Install the Dashboard, connect it to the HUB and set up automation and of course, lean back!

    A. to get both of this up and running you need to do the following 10 steps
    1. Take a Full Backup of your site
    2. Update WordPress to its newest Core
    3. check if your server is running on Apache 2.4 at least
    4. If PHP 7 is installed and active
    5. Update ALL Modules and all themes to their newest Version which will run at least in 4.7!!! better 4.8
    6. Check all Deprecations of your Theme and fix it so that it is working just fine with WP 4.8.2+ and PHP7
    7. Clear caches
    8. Setup Dashboard and connect it to the HUB
    9. Setup the Automation Process incl Backups
    10. Lean back and see how Updates will be done in future for you by the WPMUDEV Ghostery.

    Kind regards

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