Cannot upgrade Member 2 Plugin

The Membership Plugin does not appear in the WMPU hub. From time to time, I see a message from membership 2 asking if I want to update to the new version. I have not done so yet because of the transfer to my dashboard, so I have been saying "ask in a few days." If I try to install the update from WPMU, it fails, saying Destination Folder Exists, with an option to install manually. Checking the KB, I see others having the same problem with the solution being to give you access to the site. It would be far more helpful if there were steps to fix this problem, or if the upgrade actually appeared with the plugin on the site.

  • Rupok

    Hi Bob,

    So sorry to hear the inconvenience you are having. To find out why this is happening on your site, we need a couple of information. Can you please provide us that information so we can troubleshoot this issue faster?

    At first, can you tell us what is the current version of Membership plugin you are using on your site? You said "From time to time, I see a message from membership 2 asking if I want to update to the new version", but when an update is available for any of our plugins, it should always be visible in the "Dashboard > WPMU DEV > Plugins" section. It should not give you any message from time to time. So this is really weird.

    If it says "Destination Folder Exists" while updating the plugin, then probably you have Membership 1 on your site. In that case, can you please download the "membership" folder from the "/wp-content/plugins/" folder on your server to your computer and then delete that from the server? After that, install the Membership 2 plugin through the DEV Dashboard. I believe that will resolve this issue.

    Please take a complete backup of your site before doing this so you can always revert back to the current state if anything goes wrong.

    Please let us know if this doesn't help. We will be glad to help further.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • Bob

    An it continues to be weird. I backed up everything, and then I clicked the link in the banner (image in the previous reply) that says Unlock the update.
    Nothing happened.
    Prior to this, the WPMU DEV item showed a count of 1 update waiting (MarketPress).
    After clicking unlock, WPMU DEV count went to 2. When I clicked the WPMU DEV plugin link, there was only 1 updated, AND the counter went back to 1.
    I clicked in the regular WP Plugins item. The Membership premium said that there was an update to M2 available with no update now link.
    And the WPMU DEV counter went back to 2! If I clicked in that plugin link, the counter reverted back to 1.
    I went back and forth a couple times. On the last visit, the Membership Premium item showed an update now link, so I clicked it. It ran through the update routine, displayed the Updated! message. But the version number is the same 3.5.33

  • Nithin

    Hi Bob,

    Sorry to know that you were having issues with updating the plugin. Membership 2 Pro is a major release when compared to old Membership Premium plugin. There had been a lot of changes in the new plugin, that the upgrade isn't a 1 click process as compared to the other plugins.

    You can check the steps mentioned in the plugin usage guide on upgrading the plugin:

    However, M2 will not import shortcodes or content protection settings. So after upgrading, you will need to add in all your content protection settings for each membership level, and find and replace any Membership-generated shortcodes with M2 shortcodes. Tip: use a handy plugin like Better Search Replace to make that more of a cheer than a chore.

    As taken from the plugin usage guide, in case if you have missed it, please do make sure to add in protection rules, and shortcodes accordingly.

    I checked your website, and it seems like it has been upgraded successfully to M2. If you still need any further assistance, please do enable support access, so that we could give a closer look, if needed. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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