Cannot view single event defaults to blog page.

I recently upgraded the Events+ to the latest version, and since then I cannot view a single event in detail. The example page is here –

Clicking “view event” shows the correct URL ( but the page is displaying the blog posts instead. I am not sure what is going on!

Also if I want to implement a short code onto a page and only display a list of upcoming events from a particular category, what is the correct way of writing the short code? I have tried the following but none of them seem to work:

[eab_archive category_courses]

[eab_archive category=’courses’]

[eab_archive category=”courses”]


I know I can add it through the menu manager and it shows a list by selecting the event category as a menu item, but I need it to appear below some other content on a page.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Was the Events plugin the only one upgraded?

    What about using the default Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve theme, just for testing? Does it then work?

    If you go back to the previous version it then works does it?

    All shorts codes are listed here:

    Admin –> Events –> Shortcodes


    There is also information on the args it takes.

    I quickly tested:

    [eab_archive category="test-events"]

    And that works for me. Screen attached.

    Can you try that in the default theme as well just to see if there might be an issue between the theme and plugin.

    Let me know.

    Take care.

  • simon_van_gool
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I see that shortcode working but I notice that it is showing past events. Is there a way of showing future events. I would like to list the upcoming events, not past. I made the event expired and it did show in my list. I then made the dates future again and it does’t show, so i tried –

    [eab_archive category=”test-events” lookahead weeks=”52″]

    Should this show future events for this category?

    I will test the plugin in the default theme to see if my single post works then.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey again.

    I have no other events and none are archived so it will show them for me.

    [eab_archive category=”test-events” lookahead weeks=”52″]

    Should this show future events for this category?

    No, it should be:

    [eab_archive category="test-events" lookahead="52"]

    To look ahead 52 weeks.

    Having expired removes them from the archives pages like categories and pagination for the month/year.

    Take care.

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