canonical link is confusing

the smartcrawl says that my canonical is redundant (see here: in my theme options (divi) it is not enabled; should i enable it?
no matter how much i read about it, i don't understand what i'm supposed to do with it. can you please clarify for me whatever i should do with this subject?
i want to add that all my broken links (404) are being re-directed (most of them) to the front page of my website ( i'm not sure whether i'm doing it right, therefore your help would be very much appreciated.
thank you!
p.s. support access is enabled. so please take a look. thanks again!

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Cosmin,

    On giving a closer look, it seems more like a cache issue. I cleared Hummingbird Page Caching in the plugin side, and re-ran a new SEO Checkup Scan, and the above recommendation for Canonical link is long longer showing.

    It should be good, now you should be noticing the following message for Canonical:
    Duplicate content spread across multiple URLs can have a negative impact on your page rank. Using a canonical URL for products or content that is accessible under multiple URLs or websites can allow them to exist without harming your rankings.

    Which is a false positive, and canonical links will get automatically added when accessing the homepage in non-canonical way, for example:

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further query.


  • Cosmin
    • Flash Drive

    i don't know what to say... i asked to get help in understanding why i keep getting the "canonical" error at every seo checkup and you tell me it is all solved; yet i keep getting that same recommendation that i should do something about it. see screenshot attached.

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Cosmin,

    Sorry for the any confusion. The initial query was for the following recommendation:

    The canonical link tag is being used on your site. Having said that, the preferred URL for search results points to, which seems to be redundant.

    This was fixed once the cache was cleared, and a new SmartCrawl SEO scan was run.

    Now, what you see is a different recommendation message related to Canonical, as shown in the screenshot:

    Which is a false positive, and it shouldn't be causing any issue.

    The canonical link will get added automatically only when you access the URL in non canonical method, you can test that by for example, going to the following link:

    You should be seeing the correct canonical link getting added in the source code for the page:

    I hope it's clear now. I'm also checking with our developer to see whether this could be made much clear in the plugin side too.


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