can't access my profile with membership plugin

Just trying to get my head around the membership plugin. I have set up a subscription and subscribed with that subscription. but when I log in I cannot view my profile in buddypress. What am i doing wrong?

Site Link

user = micb11

password = password

For this subscription I want them to be able to see everything on the site apart from a couple of categories and I don’t think that is working either.

The level is called weybridge. If anyone could take a look then that would be great as I am stuck!!

  • Mason
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    First off, I’ve moved your question over to the Members only section. It’s probably best if the entire world can’t see the login and password – not that anyone could get far, but why give them the chance :smiley:

    Secondly, I was able to log in through the information you gave and access the profile page and edit and make changes.

    I really can’t be sure what I should and shouldn’t have access to as this member since I don’t know how things are set up. Can you give us a list of how you’ve got Membership configured? Or maybe a screenshot or two? This way we can more easily see what is causing the problem.


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