Can't Access New WP Site Since Restore


I used Backup Buddy to create a full site backup from the WP site. Then I used its Restore/Migrate option to migrate the entire WP site to our new URL, . The FIRST time I migrated, I did NOT delete all the WP files from the new site, as the instructions said. The site worked after the migration, and MOST of the old site had indeed migrated to the new site, but none of the images had migrated.

So, following the instructions from Backup Buddy (the migrate function is called Import Buddy), I removed all WP files from the new site and re-ran import buddy.

Now, I can not access I checked to verify the files were there using cpanel, but every time I try to access the site, I get an error that says I don't have permission.

Can you please provide some suggestions on how to get the new site up?

This is a VERY important issue, and I REALLY need help.

Thank you in advance.

Mary :o)