Can't add a new element to existing CoursePress page

We have a course that was created yesterday and today and now we are trying to add a new element to an existing page. However, when we do that, it appears to save, and the element does display, but none of the content is saved with it. So we end up with a blank title, content area, and if it is a question, blank answer items.

I've checked the WP logs and there are a number of errors that are showing up from CoursePress files while we are doing this process. Here are the unique ones that I'm seeing (I've included edits in the file path):

[15-May-2015 21:23:46 UTC] PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in .../plugins/coursepress/includes/unit-modules/video.php on line 142

[15-May-2015 21:24:25 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in .../plugins/coursepress/includes/unit-modules/checkbox_input.php on line 258

[15-May-2015 21:36:31 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: file_module_time_estimation in .../plugins/coursepress/includes/unit-modules/file.php on line 165

[15-May-2015 21:36:55 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 7 in .../plugins/coursepress/includes/unit-modules/text.php on line 133

[15-May-2015 21:36:32 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 43 in .../plugins/coursepress/includes/unit-modules/checkbox_input.php on line 404

As you can probably tell, we were trying to add different types of content items but weren't able to get many of them to work.

I am enabling support access. To reproduce, go to > VVW2 (course) > Session 1, Part 1 > Page 9 and try to add an element to the page.

One thing that I did notice is that, if I delete the single response that is currently there, I can successfully add another page element.

Relatedly, we are seeing the same issue in the same course in Unit Session 1, Part 2 on Page 7. If we try to add an element to that page, we get the same problem.