Can't add listings to my Directory?


(Directory 2.2RC5)

When I try to add a listing as a test user I cannot add listing it just takes me to view the current listings? I was reading up on another thread where someone was experiencing something similar and they spoke about and older version of php which may be conflicting? Not sure if that’s it or not. I set up a test user account when I had the older version of directory installed and I can still add listings via that account but not with any new accounts?

When setting up as a new user it isn’t asking for a password, just username and e-mail, do I have the wrong settings?

Just one other thing, when you click through to the listings it shows the pics that you’ve added to the ad as full screen images, is there a way to set the fullscreen slideshow as standard background throughout?

Thanks! : D

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    Your Payment Type should be set to Free for just testing. If you turn on PayPal or Authorize net you’ll need to fill them in with their passwords etc and set a Payment method Credits, monthly etc.

    Also you need to set a role for a directory member. and give that role capability to Add, Edit, Delete listings. Then a member with that role will be able to enter a listing if it’s free, or if they purchase a subscription etc. Just setting the role will NOT give them authorization to enter if it’s not set to Free.

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