Can't add other websites to my WPMU hub

I have a Wordpress multi-site installation.
I installed the WPMU plugin and it is network activated. However, I can only add my main site to the hub. In the wordPress dashboard, only SmartCrawl and Hummingbird plugins appear for all my sites. Which means that I cannot take snapshots, check the security or create reports for all my sites except the main site. Could you let me know how to proceed?

  • splaquet

    Unless I'm not understanding completely, I'm pretty certain it's working as should be expected.

    Most of the more powerful WPMU plugins are only available on the network level. Although, you might find that some additional options are available under your primary site.

    Snapshot is only available on the network level. I was disappointed to find that there wasn't a way to make one massive backup of everything. BackupBuddy was my primary backup extension before Snapshot, which would back up everything in one pass (unless you set it otherwise). It seems like a lot of redundant work to keep creating new snapshots of each additional site the you add.

    I thought that I once read that you could set the blog to 0 (zero) to capture an entire multisite, but that doesn't seem to work now. (I tried that last week)

    To my knowledge, the only way to do an entire multisite is by setting up a sync through the hub.

    SmartCrawl can be configured to handle SEO across the multisite, but it takes some tuning to get it dialed in. I didn't have the time to get it 100% setup, so I reverted to Yoast on my multisite e-commerce install. There's just too many specifics, unique social settings, featured images, etc for me to feel comfortable unleashing it across a busy e-commerce multisite.

    Hummingbird has come a long way in the multisite level and it's much better than even a month or do ago. I've found that it's probably better to keep hummingbird on the top level, as you'll see for yourself down the road. It'll get there ????

    It didn't all make sense at first, but it slowly came together and presented itself ????

  • James Morris

    Hello Stephanie de Lasteyrie

    I hope you are well today.

    splaquet has provided some very good information, but to summarize...

    The Hub treats a Multisite Network as a single entity. Meaning, regardless if you have 1 or 100 subsites on your Multisite Network, you will only see the Primary Domain listed in your Hub. This is due to the nature of how Multisite works and how our plugins integrate with it. Your subsite admins benefit from the functionality of our plugins from their subsite Dashboard, but do not get to have access to your Hub account for security reasons. Any subsite-specific functionality must be managed by them from their Dashboard. This is where we become the upstream provider while enabling you to control who access what on the subsite.

    Since our plugins are Multisite compatible, the primary functions that will be your responsibility as a Network Administrator can be managed via the Hub. Things like Manged Backups (backs up the entire network), SmartCrawl (SEO for the Primary Domain), Automate (updates for the network), etc should only be seen by you.

    I hope this clarifies a bit.

    Best regards,

    James Morris