Can't alphabetize posts, can't show excerpts for posts, can't use permalinks...

We are having several problems trying to get the Directory to work. Maybe we are looking at it the wrong way. First - we cannot get any more info except the post title to display on the category page showing listings. Normally we would edit the post loop but are having no luck. Basically we would want the Lawyer's name and then the firm, address and phone number with a more info link leading to the full listing.

The permalinks - we have tried changing to /%postname%/ etc. but anything beyond default breaks the directory. Maybe its because the directory is actually in another folder inside of the root of this site?

The other issue we are having is that we cannot alphabetize the posts. We have tried plugins and altering the php but both attempts have failed. Below is a link to the directory,

thanks again for any help in advance! - Sunny