Can't auto update - is it my hosting or an error with the plugins, or something else?

I selected 'autoblog' because it is ONE of the plugins that won't auto-update. My question is, however, that none of them do.

I wonder if I have a hosting setting that is preventing the communication of my site with plugin updates, or if I have to manually download and upload ever danged plugin, if anyone could get back to me, that would be awesome.

-dave wood

  • DavidM
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    Hello Dave,

    Autoblog should be auto-update capable, so you shouldn't have to navigate back here to update it. Have you installed the Update Notifications plugin though?

    That should provide all that's needed for the auto-updates from your admin area.

    Also, on all the project pages here, you'll see an Auto-update Capable item in the information sidebar that specifies whether or not a plugin is capable of being auto-updated. And Autoblog is definitely listed as being capable of those updates. So you should be able to auto-update it, assuming you're using it with the Update Notifications plugin.

    Could you give that a try and let us know how that works for you?

  • davidwood
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    Yes, I just tried again, and it worked - I think I had my api key wrong or something, right now easyblogging won't auto update.

    I also had a question about that - can the css sheets have a custom look with the whole wordpress backoffice, or can only the logos be branded?

    I'm going to mess around with the easy blogging and see if I can get that to work properly.


  • DavidM
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    Easy Blogging isn't auto-update capable at this point. And regarding theming Easy Blogging, I'm really not sure about that one but if you'd like to create a thread on that, we can take a look into it.

    @Tim Thanks once again. I was posting right around the same time.


  • Timothy Bowers
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    why is the recommended way to update ftp? isn't that also the most pain in the ass way?

    Sorry I should have said my recommended way.

    Less can go wrong.
    Less considerations (server environment).
    More Control.
    More Precise when needed.
    Ensure all legacy/old files are removed first.
    Avoids Auto update failures, permission problems, etc.

    I also make changes to various plugin code before uploading as well. :slight_smile:

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