Can't auto update WP, themes, Plugins etc. Help?

Hey folks, I seem to have some issues updating WP, plugins and themes.

I have a number of different WP websites all running on a virtual server which is in turn running Linux + Plesk. Some sites are on their own individual webspace ( and some are hosted in subfolders of webspaces but madeto show that website’s name in the address bar (ie =

I get this error on ALL WP installs for both plugins and themes, so I can’t auto upgrade any plugins serverwide :slight_frown:

Unpacking the update…

Installing the latest version…

Removing the old version of the plugin…

Could not remove the old plugin.

Plugin update failed.

Strangely though, some installs of WP itself will automatically upgrade without problem but one fails every time. I can’t find any pattern to the ones that work and the one that doesn’t.

Downloading update from…

Unpacking the update…

Could not copy files.

Installation Failed

Then here’s the strangest bit, I have a couple of old blank installs of WP that I planned to develop into sites but never got the time to even start on, I just reloaded them up after all this tiem tried upgrading those installs (from .2 to .3) aswell as the akismet plugin included, both upgraded fine with no issue?!?! And these 2 blank sites are in subfolders just like the site that won’t update wordpress ie (WP won’t update) (blank WP, everything updated fine) (blank WP, everything updated fine)

Could you please help me to figure out why:

a) That one copy of wordpress keeps failing to update

b) Why no plugins on any sites server wide (apart from the blank WP installs) will update

Thanks very much for your time,