Can't autopost to page AS page

I have recently set Ultimate Facebook plugin and am able to autopost out of WP to my correct Facebook page, but even though I have ticked "post AS page", it still posts to the page as my personal profile, not as my page. I have granted extended permissions, mapped posts to my wall using the page name, I am successfully connected to the app in the API I missing something here? I am even using Facebook as that page and no luck...

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    Greetings drtopp,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    Just checking to see if you have triple checked all your settings in accordance with the instructions included with the plugin?

    Which version of the Ultimate Facebook plugin are you running?

    I am assuming you have already created the Facebook page you are referring to wanting to post to?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • drtopp
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    Thanks for your response! I am using version 2.1. I have been through the setting several times along with the plugin instructions, and don't see anything that would be stopping this from working. That certainly doesn't mean there isn't though! I'm using BlogsMU theme with multisite and Buddypress, both updated. What KFUM describes is the same thing I am experiencing.

    In the API settings section, the connection with the FB app is saying it's OK, "Prevent access to my linked accounts" is unchecked; "Allow sub-sites to use these credentials" is checked

    Grant Extended Permissions is granted

    I'm using OpenGraph support, but have only added a fallback image in that section, didn't mess with anything else there yet.

    I set it to import comments from my relevant FB page

    In the Auto Post to Facebook section:
    Allow autoposting new posts to Facebook is checked
    Allow fontend autoposting to Facebook is unchecked
    Show post Facebook status column is checked
    Map WordPress types to Facebook locations: Autopost posts to "Facebook Wall" of this user "[my facebook page]" - Use Shortlink is unchecked; same with pages and media
    If posting to a page, post AS page is checked
    Do not allow individual posts to Facebook is unchecked

    In the Network Options:
    Override individual blog settings is checked
    Preserve individual blog API settings is checked
    Do not allow per-blog settings is checked

    Yes, the Facebook page I am able to post to (as me, not as the page) already existed before this, so it is created and contains posts. If anyone else has run into this and has solved it, I'd sure appreciate hearing how they did it. Thanks!

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    Greetings drtopp,

    As you had mentioned this just recently started, probably around the first of May?

    Publishing to my own wall -> Works
    Publishing to the Page as me -> Works
    Publishing to the Page as the Page -> Error

    This is because Facebook has decided that you must be logged into Facebook to make page posts and you must be the pages admin.

    For further explanation and details please check out:

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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