Can't Browse to Site After Changing Subdomain URL

I have several other test user blogs set up (subdomains) and I can pull them all up in the browser no problem. For this one blog, every time I try to pull it up I get routed to the main WPMU homepage, not the subdomain site. When I try it on my development machine (logged in or not logged in makes no difference) I can actually pull it up but on any other computer it re-routes to the WPMU homepage. I didn't even realize I had a problem until I asked a friend to check the blog out and give me feedback.

Probable cause: I changed the subdomain url for this site several days ago. But I changed all the urls in Site Admin for this blog to reflect the new one: domain, site url, home, etc. Is there someplace else I need to go to change the old url to the new one? The blog is 90% developed so I don't want to start all over by creating a new blog.

I changed from to

Trying to get my money's worth with these forums. :slight_smile: