Can't change bbPress forum user roles

I cannot edit the bbPress forum roles for the users. Well, if I go to the 'All Users' page and select a user and 'Change forum role to [any forum role]' (screenshot attached) and apply the action, the change reverts back and doesn't save. However, if I enter the user profile and scroll down and change Forum role and save it, it gets changed. Now, if I go to User Role Editor, none of the bbPress forum user roles show up (check the second screenshot). Actually, the original problem is, I'm using the Events Manager plugin but it wouldn't allow me to change user permissions for creating events. You will see all the bbpress user roles at the bottom of the list. You can tick the capabilities but you can't save them. If I uninstall bbpress the user roles still show up and I can save the changes. But as soon as I install bbpress again the changes are gone again. This looks like a problem centered to bbPress, any help is greatly appreciated (I'll be contacting bbpress support forums in the meantime as well.