Cant' complete course

We seem to have an issue with courses that the question seems to be set as to be assessed - but cannot be changed to non-assessable - and therefore the student cannot complete the course even though all the questions have been completed correctly - please help!

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi John,

    Hope you're doing well.

    It seems that you are using version 2.0.7 which is over a year old now and I'm afraid that we can't support that version anymore as there were a lot of changes in both plugin and WordPress itself since then.

    Please update CoursePress to the latest version (currently 2.2) and see if the issue is gone after that.

    Note: Since the version of the plugin you are using is really old I strongly to perform this update on staging site first or at least make sure you have a full backup ready if you're updating directly on live site.

    Let us know if you're still having issues after the update.

    Best regards,

  • John
    • Flash Drive

    Hi we’ve updated the plugin and the assessment issue we were experiencing seems to have been fixed.

    When testing though - trying to enrol on a course after you've withdrawn from that course - the user is sent to the course completion page… rather than the start of the course… please advise.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi John,

    Could you grant us support access to the site in question so we can have a closer look at this?
    To enable support access you can follow this guide here:

    Just to be sure we're checking the correct behavior, so we should try to enroll in a course, finish the course and then withdrawn from it.
    Now if we try to enroll again it will redirect us to completion page, is that correct?

    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi John

    Thank you for enabling access.

    I have created myself a subscriber account on your site (let's keep it there until we're done with the issue, please) and checked this and I could replicate the problem on your site. I tested it multiple times with two different courses.

    However, I wasn't able to replicate that at all on my test setup, even though I used different browsers and different site configurations. I believe then that this is somehow related to this specific site or the kind of setup.

    I assume that this is a live site, correct? A full conflict test would be the best thing to start with but before trying that, could you please:

    - clear and disable all possible caching options on site, that'd be mostly in WP Rocket Cache plugin
    - temporarily disable WP Rocket Cache entirely
    - if there's any additional server-side cache, disable it as well

    and then test again? Preferably use a new user account for testing too.

    Let me know about results and depending on this we'll take further steps.

    Best regards,

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