Can't copy and paste short code

I want to collect email addresses using Hustle Pro and I also need to know whether the person is a student or a parent so I created a custom thing. I used Contact 7 and I'm rather pleased with how it came out. The problem is I can't figure out how to get it onto my site. I've tried creating a widget (like 6 times) but could never get it to work. Then I thought maybe I can just paste the code (using Upfront) but when I copy the code, it doesn't carry over so i can paste it.

  • Panos

    Hi Joanne ,

    Apologies for such a delayed response!

    Since you are using Contact Form 7, you can use the shortcode for the form you have created:

    Of what I understand you need to use that shortcode in a widget. So first go to admin > Hustle Pro > Custom Content and click on "New Custom Content" or "New Custom Content Module"

    Insert all required fields for Name, title and subtitle if required. In the Content you can paste the contact form 7 shortcode.

    Click to go to Next Step. No need to change anything on that page, simply click Save and then Finish.

    In your Module settings make sure you have the "Widget" option active:

    Now we need to go to the Appearance > Widgets page. In that page search for the "Hustle" widget click on it and select the sidebar you want it to appear:

    Your form should be now visible in that sidebar :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps!

  • Panos

    Hi Joanne ,

    I just noticed you are using Scribe :slight_smile:

    In Upfront themes, you can insert widgets wherever you like in you page with the Widget element :

    For example if you would like to have a sidebar on your left, you can create a new region, which you can set as global if you like, and drag the widget element there.

    Once you drag the widget element, you can then select the widget you want from the element's settings:

    Make sure you select the Hustle widget from the settings and then from the list that appears, you can select the appropriate Hustle widget module:

    I would recommend to have a look in Upfront docs :

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:


  • Panos

    Hi Joanne!

    I just created a test page and added a test widget module there to check if there is something wrong, but it seems to be working fine., You can check out page :

    For some reason I see there are several widgets appearing in the widgets list named "Hustle". I selected the first one and from there I could select one of the widget modules created in Hustle. I also created one there and chose that one:

    That is only for testing so they should be deleted later on.

    I would love to place the widget wherever you like, but I need more specific instructions on where to place it, which page and which region in that page.

    If what you need is to place the Contact Form 7 shortcode, you can try by dragging a text element and paste the contact form shortcode there. You can see that in the same test page.

    Please let me know if you would like me to add the Hustle widget or the text widget and in which page/region!


  • Joanne

    Hi, I don't know how to get rid of the extra 8 or so Hustle widges. I kept creating them trying to get this to work.
    On the front page, beside the YouTube area, there is the introductory text for the widgit. That is where I need it to go. I've just tried it again and it all looks right except when I choose VIP Wait List as the widget I want placed, nothing happens. I tried inserting your WPMU Test 1 version too and nothing happened with it either. I don't actually see where it worked for you either. Did it? What did you do differently than what I am doing?

  • Joanne

    I see something now although I didn't earlier. It looks terrible but at least it's a start. It should be nicely beside the YouTubes to the left, not cause a big gap. The Header and SubHead are missing which tells me it's an earlier version but I can't tell which is which with 8 things all called Hustle. Do we know how to clean those up? And the picture is way too small. The Send button is lost. Still, I'm happy to finally see some progress.