Can`t create Subscriber as Membershiplevel

Hey there..

I have created a role "Anonymous". Users with this role can see all Pages and Posts this time, except the BuddyPress Pages. They all are blocked for them. This works nice..!

I have created a second access-level for Subscriber. They can see everything except Plugins and Dashboard. I have associated them with the WP-Role for Subscriber (in the third tab for positive and negative rules). I used just negative rules for both, but this doesn´t work. Can´t unlock the BuddyPress Pages on this way for subscribers. The content is blocked with the protected-content-page.

In access-levels is no user linked to the Subscriber-level but I have 2 Testsubscriber registered.

Please can someone look what is going wrong there? You have access..

If you want to try it for yourself, you can find a user with Test... at the beginning of the name. Use this Pass: WPMU_MEmbEr_2014

It´s WP-Role is Subscriber, in german this is called "Abonnent"

Please give me a message if you´re finished so I can erase this user.

Thanks for help..

Best regards,