Can't Domain Map to the Multisite

Domain and SSL
Propagation seems OK

A record... points to:
Your A record is: -> -> [ ]

IP address is correct...

Currently... entering into browser:

Displays the Primary WP root level site.
Not the actual site at /mhf

Site has three IP's which I have entered as:,,

The .20 is dedicated to

Question #1:
Should the A record point at the multisite?:
or where the actual site resides?

Question #2:
With the SSL being installed in the
Cpanel of the site...
Is Domain Mapping going to intercept prior to the SSL complaining that the site URL and the Domain Name do not match?

Question #3
I do have sunset.php installed, I do have wp-config updated with define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' );
I do have the Network Settings currently displaying the selection: "domain entered by users" in both Admin and Logging Mapping.

Question #4
Since #3 was really status... HELP... what else can I do to get this working???

:wink: Thanks!
Really Stuck!!