Can't download Snapshot backup from wp-admin?

I successfully created Snapshot backup on my wp-admin but when I try to download the backup, the download link is not working. Also, it should upload to GDrive but looks like it takes a very long time. How can I solve this?

  • Jonjon
    • Code Killa

    Hello there, netzsolutions.

    Hope you are doing great and thank you for reaching out to us!

    I have indeed reproduced your problem on your website. That specific snapshot which is over 600 Megabytes cannot be download through HTTP only though FTP.

    I have sent this to our Second Line of Support who will be reviewing this and getting back to us, hopefully soon.

    Best Regards,

  • Konstantinos Xenos
    • Rubber Duck Debugger

    Hi Netzsolutions ,

    We've implemented a fix for the downloads that were not working for you due to memory issues on your system and it will be included on the next Snapshot release as well so feel free to update when it comes out as your downloads will continue to work.

    As far as the remote locations go, I see that your cronjobs ( the scheduled events that do most things behind the scenes ) are not starting -or- they are at least having issues in general to fire when needed.

    This could be a number of things, but a basic test could be a conflict test. Essentially what we need to do as a first step is to disable all other plugins and only leave Snapshot enabled to see if that will work ( also defaulting to any built-in themes like TwentyFifteen ). If they work properly we'll have to enable 1 plugin at a time until we see if any of the plugins are conflicting or messing around with the cronjobs.

    This is a task that needs time and patience so I can do it for you if you like, I just have to inform you that during this conflict test time your websites front-end will basically be broken since the plugins/themes will be changing. Is that something that we could do or is there a possibility for a staging site that might show the same issues so we can debug it there freely?


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