Can't dynamically control length of appointment

I’ve been working with the Appointments+ plugin and noticed an interesting anomaly with it. I set the default interval for appointments to 30 minutes – thinking that would just give 30 minute increments for people to choose from when setting the appointment.

Apparently, it does that, but it also establishes that as the appointment length. This is a bit impractical in many applications. For example, I’m using this so a guy that hires me from time to time to do video work with him can visit the calendar section of my personal website and put in a video job that we have. Sometimes, it may be a two hour block that he needs, others it may be most of an entire day (such as for a wedding). He cannot choose an “end” time for his reserved block. That’s O.K. I just had him put how long he needed me in the comments section.

However, I can’t go in the back end and change the length – it seems to be set to a fixed 30 minute window. Sure, I could have him put in multiple 30 minute appointments to take up the whole day, but that would be impractical when he needs me for a 14 hour shoot (that would be 28 appointments he’d have to put in.

For now, I’m probably just going to go into the database using NaviCat and change it there (assuming there’s an end time in the database. For extra added functionality, this might be a worthwhile change to make.

My schedule that I’m keeping up with is something like this.

– Tuesday, I’m “OUT” from 7:30AM to 1:00PM because my wife teaches and I keep our child.

– Thursday, I’m “OUT” again the same times for the same reason.

– Friday’s during the Fall, I’m “OUT” to work with a local radio station covering High School Football from Noon til Midnight (I block that amount of time regardless if I’m needed for all that time or not).

– Sunday mornings, I’m “OUT” from 9:00AM until 1:00PM because I work with the radio station mixing live sound for our church service.

However, appointments may be 1 hour sometimes, 30 minutes others, 2 hours others. Since I’m working directly with clients – sometimes in person, sometimes by Skype – my times may vary.

Have I missed a setting somewhere that would allow me to have this flexibility?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

James Dunn

Athens, GA USA