Cant Edit or Create Pages After Cloning Site

After cloning a site, I can not edit pages or create a new page. I don't know why, this is only recent.

Here is the only error I can find related to the plugin itself. Other than that, there's no error reported. We've done some very aggressive debugging for the last 3 weeks on this one issue.

[17-Aug-2015 22:57:44 UTC] WordPress database error Table 'psmuthem_bak.wp_1667_options' doesn't exist for query SELECT option_value FROM wp_1667_options WHERE option_name = 'wp_1667_user_roles' LIMIT 1 made by require_once('wp-admin/network/admin.php'), require_once('wp-admin/admin.php'), do_action('load-admin_page_clone_site'), call_user_func_array, WPMUDEV_Cloner_Admin_Clone_Site->sanitize_clone_form, WPMUDEV_Cloner_Admin_Clone_Site->pre_clone_actions, create_empty_blog, switch_to_blog, WP_Roles->reinit, get_option

I enabled support access, please dont deactivate anything or make any changes to the Network itself. Thanks

A test subdomain is these two: