Can't edit posts after Autoblog pulls them into the dashboard

Hi all,

I have an odd issue. I'm using Autoblog to automate feeding RSS content from various music news website into my website. The feed is working great and every hour it fills up the drafts area. It is pulling in a featured image, its automating canonical tags as set-up. There's one slight issue though; when I go to edit a post saved in drafts (not yet published) and hit Publish, the draft correctly changes to a live post and is visible on the front end of the website (as expected) but the content was the original content and not the edited content. Any subsequent edits result in no changes to the content. Essentially, its like the content which was pulled from the RSS feeds are locked down from being edited.

Here is an example:

Since the content pulled from the feed includes tweets and a video, the feed pulls them in as text. I have edited the post to include these and added a little bit of text at the bottom of the page, along with an "alert" shortcode to explain that the post was first featured on another website. None of these changes are showing in the live post. Attached is a screengrab of the post in the dashboard and you can see the live post in the link above.

Any ideas?