Can't edit published dates

I've created some custom posts and find that I am unable to edit the published dates. I've setup 2 different custom post types and in both cases when trying to edit the published date, the dialogue does not open to allow for editing. I've also noticed that the Site's Dashboard Title link on upper left is not visible when in edit custom press.

  • Mason
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    Hiya antKat,

    I just took a look and wasn't able to reproduce any of these issues with CustomPress. What other plugins are you running? What version of WordPress/Multisite/BuddyPress and this plugin?

    Are you noticing any javascript errors on those pages in the browser or anything in the PHP error logs?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions. All the above is good info to include in your initial reporting so we can nail down the exact source of the trouble quickly.


  • antKat
    • HummingBird

    Note: I am not having a problem publishing or updating the custom press posts, I just can edit the status or published date.

    The error shown in firebug is:
    a is null
    Line 30

    This is confusing; We are using a map plugin in regular posts, which I am not having any problem with at all. The custom press types/posts are just quotes and press releases with no custom fields.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya antKat,

    That may, in fact, be the issue. It would seem that the maps plugin is loading js on pages where it shouldn't (as it's not being used).

    I did test and was able to update all fields including post status and published dates from the quick edit and regular edit post screens.

    Got version numbers for us?

    *Edit* Also, try disabling the map plugin momentarily and see if you're able to edit those areas on custompress posts.

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