Can't enable Membership or add any levels or subscriptions, links don't work or take me to

I am trying to set-up Wordpress Membership on a site.

I only have

WP 3.1
BP 1.2.8
Membership 1.0.5

with the Studio Theme.

I haven't done any customization yet because I am trying to test out the Membership plugin, but unfortunately after I open up the membership dashboard, or any of the sub-menus ("edit members", "edit levels", "edit subscriptions") the "add new" links on those pages don't work (none of the "Add New" links work for members, levels, or subscriptions) and if I open up "edit members" and hover over the user I want to change the level or subscription of and click "add", it takes me to the Studio theme settings page.

The plugin is also disabled, but if I click the link to enable it, it also takes me to the Studio theme settings page.

Any help is appreciated.