Can't enable memberships plugin

I get an internal server error and that I don't have sufficient permissions to view this page, when I try to enable the memberships plugin from my network dashboard. I installed your plugin and this is the first try with your plugins by membership. I did install and try the memberships lite, which worked fine.
Now what?

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    okay this is really weird.
    I just searched the web and found another post here about this issue a week ago.
    The person with the issue fixed it by enabling memberships plugin on their network dashboard, which is where I was trying to do it.

    But, for me, that didn't work. I tried enabling it from my main site dashboard, and nothing happened. Then I went to my sub directory theme dashboard for my /members theme and tried to enable it there. That worked.
    Then, I went to my main site dashboard and I had to enable it there too.

    Now, here's what's really weird. I went to my network admin dash and there was nothing there anymore. No prompt to enable it and also no menu item for memberships plugin.

    I don't want two different sets of members. I want one community across both of my themes both in the same multisite as and

    Is this step okay for that, or do I need to wipe it out and start the plugin over again???

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey William,

    I have to say am a bit confused on what you have done and / or your site configuration. Let me try and put this straight.

    On a multisite network (as with most plugins), you can either network activate it from the Network admin area (wp-admin/network/plugins.php) or on a blog by blog basis.

    If you wish to have Membership enabled on every blog, then you should activate it network wide. On doing that, the Membership plugin won't be shown on the plugins list of the sub-sites.

    Now, here's what's really weird. I went to my network admin dash and there was nothing there anymore. No prompt to enable it and also no menu item for memberships plugin.

    On the network admin, there won't be a menu item for membership. Membership works on a blog by blog basis and there aren't really any settings netwokr wide.

    I hope this clears up things, Let me know.

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I installed it from the network dashboard and did a network activate.
    Then, I tried to enable it because it said it was disabled in red.
    I had to go to each site dashboard to enable it.
    Now, I'm trying to have it work network wide, which is in your constants section.
    I want members to sign up and subscribe once and have access to both sites, which happen to be a theme installed at and another at

    The Problem
    I don't see any of your contants in my wp-config so I can't select global tables true
    I want people to join from the root site to have access to the subdirectory site.

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Okay, I added the contstants for global membership in my wp config. Now I'm setting up the basic membership and following the setup pdf

    But, when I go to the main site memberships I don't see the subdirectory pages to protect, and when I go to the subdirectory memberships I don't see any of the main membership settings. It doesnt look like it's actually doing it globally like the wp config definition suggests.

    What do you think about this?

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Let me clarify why it matters. I'm assuming that it matters because:
    I intend to install the affiliates plugin and I want the affiliates to promote the main site, of course. But the protected content will all be on the sub directory /members, which is its own theme in my multisite setup.

    So, if I only use memberships on the subdirectory theme, to protect it, and want to install affiliates plugin, It will need to track sales of memberships on the subdirectory site, but promote the affiliate link to the main site.

    This is why I thought I needed multisite enabled to begin with, and why I thought I needed memberships plugin to manage membership to the whole network.
    Otherwise, I can see hypothetical issues with affiliate code not tracking sales properly or not allowing the affiliate promotion of the main site.

    I'm only doing this because my protected content is all in a video theme and my main site is designed to promote that.

    Please help

  • Atkotech
    • Recruit

    I have both Membership and Affiliate installed. I actually installed them on a single site but then decided to make my site a multisite afterwards whilst it was still pretty basic. I can confirm they both work on a single site. To be honest, a multisite is just that....multiple sites...therefore it make sense to enable the plugin on a per site basis as not all sites may want to use the Membership plugin. Both these plugins worked out of the box for me and required no additional work on my wp-config.

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    yes, but do your member affiliates refer people to the site where it's installed or a front site that promotes your membership content?

    My protected area is a theme of its own, installed at a sub directory to the main site. So, if memberships and affilates plugins are installed and configured on the protected, subscription area, how will affiliates plugin track referrals sent to the main site?

  • Atkotech
    • Recruit

    Wouldn't your example make sense though the other way round? Wouldn't you be better referring people to your main site and having the Protected Content as a Membership option? There is an option in Membership that provides for you to add a link where people will be sent if they are not logged in or try to access the protected content directly. You could add your link to your sign up/upgrade page there to your main site in the membership settings.

  • william_bronson
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    That's very interesting.
    So, without affiliates involved, people going to my main site, see my business promoting the membership. If people go to anything protected, they get sent to the main site promoting the membership.

    Affiliates promote the protected area and their referrals are automatically directed to the main site.

    That sounds good except for one possible issue. If someone already joined as a free member and they click a protected section or video, they would be taken back to the main site instead of a message about upgrading or joining. I'll look into the particulars and see if those two situations are different.

    Very interesting though. Thank you

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