Cant find a solution for creating, filling up and printing/emailing documents,

Hi, We are creating a website called (Translates LawGallery in English). Its a little bit a "" type of internet service that connects consumers, entrepreneurs and lawyers providing many type of legal assistance online or personally. (for finland market)

I´ve been trying to find a solution how to help our clients fill up simple legal documents online. Let say you want to create a power of attorney. You have registered in our website, you go to site where you find all kind of assistance for legal matters. Then you find "create documents online", you´ll choose "Create Power of attorney" The site will guide you step by step first filling up you personal details and so on. If its business document, you can add your logo aswell on it.

The main thing is, in legal documents there are texts that remain the same for everyone, so we can pre create the "empty" one. customer fills up his/her personal details and other changeable details, goes step by step in the end and then email and/or prints it out

On future development could also be that our members could save their mostly used/filled up documents for future reference.

I´ve been looking and looking but just cant find a solution for this. Can you help me?