Can't find public.html folder on installation.


Pumped to start my first wordpress site. I've followed the instructions in your manual:

Once I connect the ftp I can't find the public.html folder I'm supposed to paste the wordpress files into. All I see are the root folder "/" which contains three other folders: logs, Maildir, and (my domain). None of these folders contain the public folder. I tried pasting the files into the folder but when I direct my browser to my site it says "Error establishing a database connection."

I'm using dreamhost for my hosting and domain. Much thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hey there.

    Your host would be better suited to this question as they will know the environment best.

    Sounds like when you add your domain to the hosting it might create a directory for the domain like

    When you upload WordPress to there you should get the installer, not a database error unless you have a wp-config.php file with incorrect DB details in there?

    The following thread implies the domain folder would be correct:

    Hope this helps.

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    @mtsidulko, public_html is a default directory that many operating systems use to serve webpages. It has became sort of a shorthand to mean, "your root web directory".

    DreamHost allows you to host multiple sites, and by default they name each directory after the domain it is for, in your home directory on their server. Incidentially, your home directory will likely be what you are looking at when you login with an SFTP client. DH actually has fairly decent docs in their wiki, and I encourage you to read up on SFTP. Also, you can go to to change which directory your domains use, but I suggest you stick to the defaults for right now.

    So you are at the step in the manual where you are uploading the files. The chapter on installing the database may not have been clear, since DreamHost doesn't use cPanel. Fortunately, DH makes it fairly easy to add databases at, and they have instructions for adding them in their wiki.

    In the WPMU manual it says:

    The safest way is to manually create your wp-config.php file following the instructions below as the installation script using the web interface doesn’t work for all server setups.

    I am not sure I would suggest that, since I believe most servers are setup to run WordPress, but it is definitely the case for you. You can upload the files from WordPress to the directory and go to the site in a browser and then follow the on-screen instructions. No manually editing wp-config.php is required. If you put in the wrong details for the database through the installer it will tell you, and you will be able to troubleshoot from there.

    Good luck! ^_^

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