Can't Find Registration


I am having trouble locating a registration or sign up button / page in buddypress scholar.

Is this something I need to create on my own via a php file?

I want to be able to charge my users at registration when they sign up for an account (using supporter or membership).

Specifically, I'd like to create a registration page with three different sign up buttons labeled: Vendor, Bride, Other. When clicked on Each will go to a different registration page with different profile requirements to be filled out (also plan on charging different prices for different users) I'd like to be able to offer a Free Account (create a profile only) Paid would be a profile plus blog. How do I charge if they want to add a blog to their profile? Can I accomplish this by using supporter or membership?

Also, If I were to use a theme that wasn't a buddypress theme but was buddypress compatible would my users still be able to use the buddypress registration page or would they have to use the wordpress registration? Is there some type of coding I would need in order to call the buddypress registration page to be used? and how do I charge my users at registration (different users to be charged different amounts)

All your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

  • Mason
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    Hiya mcannova,

    Essentially, you'll need to choose which option you want to use to handle registration first. Supporter and BuddyPress both use the default registration page which is (you'll only see this link if you're not logged in with the Social theme)

    Using Membership, you will want to create a new page in WordPress for subscriptions and drop the [subscriptionform] shortcode onto the page. Then put the link to that page where you want. For what you're wanting to accomplish with different types of users you're going to want to use membership and/or possibly a combination of Membership and Supporter to get those results.

    I'd strongly suggest a theme written for BuddyPress. You really need something that has been planned to handle all the elements that buddyPress brings to the table. That being said, regardless of the theme if you're running BuddyPress, registration can only be handled through the pages as I've laid out above.

    Hope that helps a bit. I'd say start putting the pieces together and we can provide you with support for specifics along the way.


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