Can't find Store uploads in this folder in Media Settings

It looks like multi-site doesn't support "Store uploads in this folder" from the Media settings. Any idea how to set it in a multi-site environment? I have a site that can't find its images.


  • aecnu

    Greetings David,

    I have a site that can't find its images.

    Christopher Price is spot on with his answer to the letter.


    It sets up this tree, where "1" is the blog id. Works great when using the media library to upload and access, but doesn't really work if you try to ftp something into one of the folders.

    There is nothing more I can add to that.

    "Store uploads in this folder"

    This is actually quite the opposite, anything that supports MultiSite would not be asking this question.

    Though this may not be the answer you want to hear, we are trying to help and these are unfortunately the facts of the matter.

    What is asking "Store uploads in this folder"?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings David,

    I am sorry to hear this and it is certain that the theme developer is aware that the theme is not compatible but appears that he has not/does not want to make the effort to get it up to standard.

    We all can clearly see that due to the fact that when you went from WordPress 3.1 to WordPress 3.3 and the theme quit working properly plus the developers answer "Store uploads in this folder" that it was not made V 3.3 compatible and who knows about MultiSite application.

    With the evidence all in and the verdict rendered that appears to close this ticket.

    Sorry I could not be of further assitance regarding this matter.


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