Can't find wiki posts by author name

On the WP dashboard (back end), when I click Users-->All Users the number of wiki posts by the author does not show up. It has never shown up that I am aware of (in 2 1/2 years). I was troubleshooting another problem and wanted to see all posts by a specific author. There should be a large number in right column next to the Admins in the attached screenshot. Instead, there are none for the two "authors" that have created the largest number of Wiki posts, and 1 each for two other Admins. Both those posts are blog posts. It appears I can not get the number of wiki posts from this screen.

However, when I went to the front end and tried to search for wiki posts by author I also could not get them. I discovered that when I click the author name from a wiki screen, IF the author has created a bog post, only the blog post shows up. I clicked the author name from a wiki of the author with several hundred wiki posts. The only post I got was 1 blog post. I am also attaching a screen shot of this.

In other words, even though Wiki Pro is enabled, there appears to be no way to get a list of posts by author IF all that author has created are Wikis from the front end or back end.

This problems has always existed, that I am aware of, and should be fixed for the Wiki Pro plugin. However, in the mean time, how can I get a list of all wikis created by a speciofic author?

Thanks in advance.

Mary Todd, SysAdmin/Developer/DBA