Can't get a BuddyPress registration form to display

I activate the BuddyPress Addon and I am using BuddyPress Registration and xFields. And that works fine for the hub page /shortcode that displays the list of memberships.
But if I use the shortcode that generates a registration form I don't seem to be able to get it to use the BuddyPress registration form.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Peter,

    Registration shortcode will always display Membership 2 Pro form - this is not a bug that it is not switching to BuddyPress.
    When you enable BuddyPress add-on in Membership you can see alert that says that you have to have two separate pages for Membeship and BuddyPress forms. This is because Membership 2 does not switch one form to another, but switch whole page - it stops using own registration page and starts using BuddyPress one.
    So the form generated by shortcode stays intact - it will never be changed.

    After reading chat transcript I can suggest enabling Profile Fields add-on in Membership and then use Membership 2 Pro form in shortcode with added xProfiles in it.
    I saw you were considering this idea - have you already tried that one? Let me know.

    kind regards,

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