Can't get access to login screen on site

Ok, I've really got myself in a pickle this time (preverbal tail is between my legs). I have gotten myself locked out of my own site!

Site is currently under development. I am using membership (which I love so far). I created a protected content page (which you will see now if you go to the site) that essentially blocks access to the entire site. I put this in place when I'm taking a break. It's been working fine until I loaded a plugin which re-directs the login to a custom page I built on the site. After being away from my dev computer for a few hours I came back to a browser that was logged in as admin showing the protected page. Must have auto logged out or something? At any rate, now when I try to go to I am immediately redirected to the protected content page!

I have ftp access to all the files and database on the backend. Is there a way I can get in and disable the redirect somehow?

Thank you!