Can't get an image into a Post

Anyone ever have the issue of not being able to insert an image into a post? I'm on WP3.4, about to just re-install it, but thought I'd check with the collective genius that is wpmu membership.

  • jjsararas

    Thanks @KimberlyL

    It's the weirdest thing, I've never had any installation of wp behave this way. TinyMCE is avaliable, Media menu looks fine. Everything looks normal. I go to add an image, status goes through to 100%. It even reports a URL for the image in /uploads/2012/06 etc, but when I look in FTP, the directory /uploads doesn't even exist! Of course, when I manually enter the reported image URL, I get This is Embarasssing message.

    I even tried manually creating /uploads, with 777, but it still won't actually write a file to it. I've even re-installed wp3.4 (via FTP).

    It seems to be a server-side read/write malfunction, although usually that returns an error when trying to upload media.

    Here's something else: When I tried to delete the wp files to re-upload, the wp-admin folder would not delete. Left inside it was a folder called C:disappointed:websites/(mysite).com which also won't delete (using filezilla). So i had to rename it to get the new one in there.

    So, weirdness all around. Any ideas?

  • kyleb

    That sounds like a server issue, can youcheck file permissions? can you ssh or sftp in?

    You might want to contact your host about this.

    I'd verify that the upload folder has write permissions.Have you moved this site from a different server? I once spend a week trying to fix a similar issue, turned out I had the old domain info still entered in wp-config and was really uploading to the wrong site!

    As for the folder in the admin folder, the folder name is C:disappointed:websites/(mysite).com ? thats really wierd!

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