Can't get appointment times to match the working hours

Hey guys, so I'm trying to configure this Appointments + plugin, it all works well except the appointment times are showing starting at 12am.
Settings I've chosen:
* Working hours M-F 8am-5pm
* Time base 60min
* Each service takes the whole day so I've set those all at 540, have also tried 480 but to no avail
* I only have 1 service provider set for all of the 4 services

The days are showing up correctly but the appointments are starting at 12am and going to 5pm.

I've tried making the time base 520 min or big numbers like that to represent the whole day and what happens is that for some reason Monday and Tuesday become unavailable and the rest of the days show odd times like 12am, 8:50am and 5:40pm.

I'd really appreciate some help with this, I'd like to use it in the same configuration on a lot of sites.

Thanks :slight_smile: Renata