Can't get GA to login properly sinc ehte upgrade

After upgrading the plugin, I can't setup GA properly for the subsites.

On the subsite, I have the option to "Login with google account", when clicking on it, I'm asked to log into my Google account. I log in with the creds that are associated to the Google Analytics account for said domain for the subsite. After logging in, I'm taken to an authentication to grant access to an API I setup per the new instructions. I accept and then redirected back to my subsite's least I presume that's where I'm supposed to be, but all I see is a blank white page.

The url looks like it authenticated properly...I see this on the end of my domain /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=google-analytics&gaplus_loggedin=true&code=4/hFAGAk17M1PQVxeMwHt-4ELEkIIUaEnM0RQ-rehKhrk.sunpxHk9C_wVEnp6UAPFm0G4Dy6

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to get this up and running asap for my users.