Can't Get In Post

I’m new to WPMU dev as a full year paid member. This is my second plug in I’ve downloaded and I can’t get it to work. The other one is the Ultimate FB plug in, which I’m still hoping to figure out as I’m in discussion with your support folks.

With this plugin…I have it all setup and created my add. I can do a preview of it fine, but when I publish a post or republish and old post I see nothing….no ad?

my blog site is

My settings are….


Custom Ads

Enable Custom Ads Yes

Live mode Yes

Disabling this will only show your ads to logged in users

Do NOT turn this on until you are ready to go live

Show this many Ads 1

This many Ads will be shown per post page

Order Ads by default

Your Ads will be ordered in the way you set up here

Inject first Ad after this many paragraphs 2

Your first Ad will be injected in your post after this many paragraphs.

Inject subsequent Ads after this many paragraphs each 0

Your subsequent Ads will be injected in your post every [number] of paragraphs.

Appearance & messages

Theme Green Button

Messages Header text Low Cost UK Visa Assistance

This text will appear in your Ad header, before the link

Footer text Get started today!

This text will appear below your Ad content, before the link

Footer link blank

This text will appear as link text in your footer

Please help me figure what I’m doing wrong….this is a new install of the plugin and I just set it up according to the questions above. When I publish a post, I don’t see any in post ads.