Can't get Membership and Directory or CustomPress to play well together

Hello, I have a concurrent case running at the same time as this one:

I’m trying to create a directory listing section for my client for all of her vendors. We are creating a wedding site that will host thousands of vendors information in time.

The main point of the site is to have a ‘free’ and a ‘paid’ listing service so that the extra information can be shown for paid listings.

I’ve been using the Beta version of Directory (Version 2.2beta) to try to achieve this and it works beautifully for creating directories. However it doesn’t have the ability to have two tier rankings of listings.

I’m now trying to do this via CustomPress by hardcoding it all and not having much success.

The problem is that neither plugin plays well so far on my system with the Membership plugin :slight_frown:

Membership –

Directory –

CustomPress –

I’m aware NOT TO RUN BOTH Directory or CustomPress at the same time as each other.