Can't get Membership2 Pro and Buddypress to work together on Multisite

I'm having an issue with membership2 pro and buddypress. I want my multisite to have 1 main registration and profile place (on my main site), I need to have custom profile fields and communication (hence buddypress), and I'll have a subdomain site that's slightly different and has the Jobs plugin on it but for the same members.

I installed membership2 pro first, then realized it doesn't have custom fields so then installed buddypress, and even with the integration add-on and "use registration from buddypress" selected it gives me an error saying I have 2 plugins trying to use the same registration page.

As a second note, when I turn on buddypress plugin from the network I don't get any options on my main website admin, only from the network view, is this correct?

3rd note, will installing m2 and buddypress on the network create registration/account pages on all of my subdomain sites?

Please help, thanks